Talking to Your Child About Vaping

If you’re like most parents, you don’t want your child to vape. It’s not because you think vaping is bad or dangerous, it’s because you love them and want them to be healthy. You worry about the effects of the chemicals in the custom flavors, and you’re concerned about the risk of addiction. But even if your child does vape, it’s not a reason to stop talking about it

Choose a time to talk when neither of you are distracted

The first step is to choose a time when neither of you will be distracted. It’s important that you have this conversation in a calm setting, so choose a time when your child is not likely to be involved in other activities. You don’t want them to feel like they can’t be there for the conversation because they’ll be too busy doing something else.

Explain vaping as simply as possible

It’s easy for children to misunderstand what vaping is and how it works, so explain it in simple terms. For example, if your child asks why someone would want to vape when they could smoke cigarettes, explain that vaping doesn’t contain tobacco and is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Be aware of the dangers of underage vaping

If your child asks about vapes and e-cigarettes, make sure you know exactly what they’re asking about: what are the risks? What are some of the symptoms? What should you do if you notice something suspicious? Make sure your child knows how seriously dangerous it can be for them

Avoid saying things that might make them feel judged or misunderstood

Avoid telling them that they are “addicted” or “hooked” on vaping because this will only cause them to feel shame or shame their friends if they hear this word being used around them.

Instead, try telling them that it is something they should avoid doing in order to make sure that they do not get addicted or hooked on it which could lead to other problems such as depression or anxiety if they keep using it for too long without stopping for more than a few weeks at a time.

Remain calm and be clear

Don’t blame your child or say things like “vaping is stupid.” Instead, stay calm and be clear about what you want to say. Your tone can make all the difference in how you are perceived by your child.

If you sound like a concerned parent who wants to help them make better choices instead of criticizing them for their actions, they will likely listen more attentively and be more likely to follow through on whatever advice you give them.

Be a great example

The best way to help your kids understand the dangers of tobacco use is by avoiding it yourself. Be sure they know how important it is for them to keep their friends away from using vapes.

Don’t shy away from talking to your child about vaping. It will help them understand the consequences involved. Your advice will help them make better decisions if they do not stop vaping.

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