Water Play Activities for Children

Water play is a great way to keep children active and entertained. These are activities that can be enjoyed outdoors and indoors by children.

Water play activities offer a variety of benefits for children. They can help children develop fine and gross motor skills, improve coordination, and increase their strength and stamina. Water play can also promote social and emotional development and cognitive skills. 

Additionally, water play can provide opportunities for children to explore their creativity and imagination.

A child uses their sense every day to explore their environment. Those same senses are used to explore water’s different properties during water play. 

These senses include taste, hearing, sight, touch, smell, proprioceptive, and vestibular. 

Here are some fun water play activities for kids:

  • Fill a bowl or container with water and put it in the sun or near a warm stove.
  • Create a rainstorm by filling several containers with different water colours and shaking them together.
  • Freeze ice blocks into shapes like animals, boats, cars, etc. and let your children splash around in their icy creations.
  • Make a wave pool by filling a large container with water and setting it on a level surface.
  • Fill small containers or cups with water and set them around a room or outdoors in a sunny spot. Have children race to get their cups filled before they freeze over.
  • Have your child help you out with watering the garden. It’s a fun way to teach your child about flowers, while still engaging in fun water play. 

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